We Love Our Customers!

Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We're not happy until they're happy.
We recently moved in to a rental in La Quinta with a pool and hot tub. We promptly found that the hot tub, which doubles as a waterfall into the pool, had serious issues as when you were in the hot tub and when it reached temperature, the water would immediately drain out until you were sitting in about three inches of water.

Sad, and a thus far unresponsive host, we left a note for the pool cleaner who comes once a week. This guy was great! He rang the bell at 9:00 and Charlie had a big smile and wonderful attitude! Gave us the low down on all and while he cleaned and examined things he was just funny, smart and happy to help out. He had us contact the host again and explain there was likely a valve issue.

The host actually responded by contacting Chris who owns Sunsational Pool Service and after we ran a short errand, we returned to find Chris here and ready to fix all! SAME DAY?!? Fantastic! Chris was great too and explained things very thoroughly (it is a complicated system with a programmer inside and a button in the pool for jets, etc. but you can easily trip up the system...). He was too was cheerful, patient and willing to go that extra mile for us to understand how the system works. And obviously he knew we were just renters.

I love their attitude and humor and the ease with which you can work with them. They have a lot of pools they maintain but try to get on their schedule! Great to know when you are out of town, someone is actually showing up when they say and taking care of business. :) Thanks Chris and Charlie!!!!
Dakota B.